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How to choose chocolate chocolate How to distinguish true and false chocolate

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2017/11/09 16:39
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How to choose chocolate chocolate How to distinguish true and false chocolate
At present, many handmade chocolates on the market are made with cocoa butter. It is a very low-priced product. Because it is difficult to identify, it is sold as a real chocolate! Oh, if you don't want to be fooled, come and learn a few tricks to identify the true and false!
True Chocolate: A food made from natural cocoa butter and natural cocoa puree without the addition of artificial flavors and colors. This food is called chocolate. Fake chocolate: A vegetable made from vegetable oil (or hydride vegetable oil) instead of natural cocoa butter and low-quality cocoa powder. Add additives such as artificial flavors and pigments. The real name for this food is: chocolate flavored candy.
A. From the shape and taste
It is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish between the two. Due to the huge price difference, many dishonest merchants sell this chocolate candy as a real chocolate. And because Chinese consumers are just beginning to get in touch with real chocolate, there is no concept or standard for the flavor and taste of real chocolate. Therefore, it is thought that the chocolate-flavored candy is chocolate and it is very delicious.
In fact, fake chocolate is delicious as a candy, but the taste, health value and retail value of fake chocolate are completely incomparable with real chocolate.
B. Different melting points
The natural cocoa butter has a melting point of about 30 degrees, while the hydrogenated vegetable oil has a melting point of about 22 degrees. So the cocoa butter chocolate melts faster in the mouth than the real chocolate. The real chocolate melts in the mouth and slowly melts like snow; the chocolate of the cocoa butter is mainly hydrogenated vegetable oil, which melts very quickly in the mouth, so-called “inlet”.
C. Different scent
The cocoa aroma of real chocolate is a natural cocoa. The fake chocolate is free of cocoa butter and its aroma is derived from artificial flavors. When you put the two products in a sealed food bag and compare the smell, you can clearly compare the two completely different. The cocoa scent of real chocolate is a very low scent with a bitter bitterness. This scent is continuous and rich, and the scent of cocoa butter chocolate is a kind of faint, sweet smell with candy. It’s very fragrant, but it’s getting weaker and slower.
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