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Why do you want to send chocolate on the Qixi Festival?

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2017/11/09 16:39
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This year's Qixi Festival is coming soon. Do you think about it, what kind of gift should you give to dear him or her? Tanabata is one of the traditional festivals in China, and it has been given the legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl It is regarded as a festival of love and is considered to be "Chinese Valentine's Day". On this evening, there is a custom of "weaving the weavers". People meet in the yard, and a table is placed under the moonlight. On the table, tea, wine, fruit, and five seeds (longan, red dates, hazelnuts, peanuts, melon seeds) are placed. Sitting at the table, talking and laughing, while meditating on my heart to the Weaver Constellation.
Nowadays, young people will prepare chocolates for their lovers as gifts for this day. Why is this? It goes back to the custom of Valentine's Day in the West.
The Valentine's Day in the West is February 14th. On that day, the young man often presents a red rose to express his sincere feelings to his lover, while the girl uses a box of heart-shaped chocolate as a gift.
In the fragrant chocolate dictionary, "love" is always an eternal meaning. Chocolate has always been an indispensable love token between lovers. In romantic hi
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